Scalp Massage To Prevent Hair Loss


In this article, I would like to talk about how I managed to stop hair loss. I managed to stop it completely and permanently, and I wish to share my experience, knowledge, and the actual techniques that I undertook to accomplish that goal, to achieve that result.

Many of you may be thinking that eating well is nice and drinking water is excellent, and I understand all that but give me some conditions, specific exercises that I can do to prevent hair loss, to stop it just like you did. So that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you. The next exercise is intended specifically target the scalp; it focuses on your hair, on your head.  At least, as the case with me, it helped me prevent hair loss, helped me stop it and then as I do it regularly, it helps me avoid it every single day. And I’m planning to do this as long as I have hair, that means for the rest of my life.

So this exercise requires this rare to find a tool that is, of course, a regular hairbrush. Well, it’s not a regular hairbrush, it’s kind of like a massage hairbrush, and it is intended for a scalp massage. Some people may use it to brush their hair; I use it correctly for a scalp massage. Now, you have to make sure that this type of a brush is of wood and it does not scratch your head and your skin on your head. That’s very important. There’s a lot of plastic hair brushes. They have plastic spikes and some plastic droplet that comes on top of it and can fall off. And you may not see it. And then you’re massaging your scalp, and you are damaging your skin and damaging the root of your hair. So this is very important.


This is one of the exercises I use to prevent hair loss. I do this regularly in the morning, sometimes in the evening as well but once a day for sure. The more – the better. I do it for roughly three to four minutes and here’s what exactly I do. I just massage my head. You rub all areas of your scalp, not just where the hair is falling out. You do it everywhere, but obviously, the emphasis is on the area that is losing most hair. You are stimulating blood circulation on your scalp, on the skin, on your precious head and that blood circulation improves and reaches the optimum levels. As you improve blood circulation then your cells, your skin, your hair follicles, your roots of your hair begin to regenerate, and also they start to strengthen.

So, as you’re doing this massage, your skin becomes tougher and more resilient to any pulls, and the hair starts sitting stronger in the skin. And that is something that I’ve experienced because in the past I would do this massaging on my scalp and a lot of hair would fall out. Now I can do it all day long, and no hair or minimal amount of hair would fall from my head down to the floor. But that is an exercise that I highly recommend to you, do it every day. I do it in the morning; it doesn’t matter when you do it. I think in the morning there’s less blood circulation, so you’re stimulating it helps you wake up. It’s just a beneficial exercise to do in the morning.


It is intended purely to improve blood circulation. As we know when you’re trying to reach that optimal level of blood flow (and this is standard operating procedure for any illness, injury, or disease), when you find an affected, a damaged, or sick area on your body, the best action that you can do is start increasing blood circulation there. You have to make sure that the blood flow is at its optimal level. Because when blood circulates, it brings in proper nutrients, it takes out the old cells, bringing new cells. In short, it revitalizes the area. So, you want to make sure that you have the best possible blood circulation and especially at such an important place as your head. The crucial thing, in fact, I believe it may impact your thought process, and just response times, and the comprehension, and ability to think. Because, again, you’re increasing blood circulation not just to this affected area or just where the hair is. You’re bringing blood and improving circulation all over your scalp, obviously over your head that is very beneficial.

So, that’s an exercise that you should be doing daily for the rest of your life, and that will help restore and then prevent or first stop hair loss then prevent it and restore your hair.

Natural Penis Enlargement Secrets

Can you really enlarge your penis? Is it really possible to grow penis organically? You’ve heard the spiritual axiom “what you focus on grows.” Well, you can totally make your penis larger. Though this does beg the essential question “does size matter?” and how important is penis size to women.

First off, you know that penises come in different lengths and different widths, but so do vaginas, there are longer ones, shorter ones, wider ones. And so the well-matched question is really the idea. More than your physical size, you want to look at how your two genitals come together, and how your overall sexual energy comes together and matches with your partner. With that in mind, here are five suggestions to growing your penis. These techniques have been known to grow penis length anywhere from one-half an inch to an inch and more, and even half an inch to an inch and more in girth. So these techniques are physical, and some of them are psychological. All-in-all, they’ll lead you to have, what I refer to as a “self-actualized penis,” so that’s a penis that’s fully grown into itself and has realized its full potential.

Occupy your penis

So what’s more important than physical inches, even though I said size matters, what I’m getting to, what really matters, is the size of your confidence. How much you own your penis. The size of your confidence will pump up your penis size and your sexual power much more than you realize. So you own your sexual energy, you own your libido, you own your penis.

Your penis is an extension of you as a man. So it’s an expression of your power, your confidence, and your masculine energy. That’s what you’re channeling through your penis and what you give to your woman, when you have sex with her. That’s what you need to love her with. I’ve had less well-endowed lovers, who had sex like champions. And I don’t mean that they just performed a lot of cunnilingus to make up for having a smaller penis. What I mean, is that they had sex as though they had a superstar penis. They strutted around with that thing, leading the way, they walked around, and had all of their consciousness and intention infused into their penises. And that’s what they infused into me. That massive power, strength, and confidence. And that is what every woman wants and needs from her man.

So own what you’ve got, make a choice to start loving your penis and eventually you will. And if you do – others will. That’s the secret of confidence. It’s nine-tenths about what you own and what you love about yourself, rather than what you actually have. So whatever size that you’ve got, your penis is a tool to penetrate, heal and open your partner whatever size it is.

Dopamine builds penis

Physical activity that generates dopamine will help to grow a penis. Dopamine is the precursor to testosterone. Exercise that stimulates more dopamine and testosterone will lead you to fuller, stronger, and even longer-lasting erections. Weight training and hit training are the best generators of dopamine and testosterone. So get to the gym, and you not only be building your biceps, but also your penis.

So doing what you love and what brings you pleasure will generate dopamine. So having lots of great sex will actually help you to build your penis. In fact, there are ways that you can orgasm using ancient Taoist and Tension techniques, which allow you to harvest more dopamine from your sexual encounters and thus build more testosterone. The average male just ejaculates out most of his dopamine.

Testicle massage

The testicles are the storehouse for testosterone in the body. So regularly massaging them, even for five minutes a day, will raise the production and flow of testosterone in your system. This will strengthen your erections and increase your libido. Physically you’ll boost circulation, sperm count and overall improve the health of your testicles plus everything that they create.

How to do it? So you’re going to take both of them with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath and then just massage with the light rolling circular motion. So you want to go 36 times in one direction and then 36 times in the other direction and breathing deeply throughout. And even if you do this once a day, you can do it as part of your morning routine, and I suggest that you do it instead of your daily espresso shot,  give yourself a testosterone shot first thing in the morning. I always like to say “I don’t do coffee, I do orgasms or some kind of sexual energy.”

I’m going to stop here, and we’ll finish In the next article with part two of “how to be a super penis” or penis enlargement secrets. We will explore more organic penis growing techniques, including a special penis sexercise routine.

In the meantime know this: penises grow. That is your birthright; that is the kind of penis magic that every man can tap into. So remember to check out part two of this article and if you’d like to learn more about all of the powerful things that your penis can do, check out other articles.

Make Your Butt Bigger Using A Cream


Buttocks, behind, butt, or whatever you call it has now become a new sensation in the beauty industry. It is known to be one of the best ways to look sexy in this age as celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez has to make butt famous again. If you want to enlarge your butt so that you get that sexy curvy look, you can always use a butt enhancement cream. There are so many different kinds of butt enhancement cream out there with different instruction how to use it. Here are how you can make your butt bigger using cream.

Step by Step to use cream

There are several steps that you will need to follow if you want to use the butt enhancement cream properly. It should start by preparing your ass, massaging it, and then cooling down. Here are the easy steps of using a butt enhancement cream in an easier way.

Step One: The Massage


Butt enhancement creams are mostly used by massaging it to your buttock area. There are so many different kinds of it that you can do, but the most common instruction that most cream does is to massage it in circular ways. Rub the cream sufficiently on your butt and massage it in a circular motion using both of your hands. Do it in the clockwise direction or you can also do it in the opposite direction. Make sure you cover all of the areas of the butt so that you get to make it bigger.

Step Two: Knowing the time


Using a butt enhancer cream cannot be done just about everytime you feel like it. In fact, you will have to do it in a certain period of time and certain frequency during that period. The most common period of times that you need to get for most butt enhancement cream would be around six months. During that period, you will also need to use the cream around twice a day. You should apply the cream both in the morning and in the evening in order to optimize the results.

Step Three: Making the most of it


Butt enhancement cream might be good only so far if you do not add a high quality of exercise to it. In order for you to be successful in increasing the size of your butt, you will have to do some exercise too. There are various type of exercise that can be done if you are looking for a high quality of a big butt.

First of all, you’re going to have to deal with the exercise of them all which is squat. By doing squat, you will be able to get a tighter and bigger butt because it will train the muscle that is on your butt. It will give you a massive training on your glutes and on your butt muscle which will have a direct effect on your butt. By combining the two, you will gain a high quality of butt enlargement in the most optimal process and results.

An Herbal Solution For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is probably one of the most common sexual problems experienced by men. Premature ejaculation itself is a condition where men cannot control when and where they want to ejaculate. Not only it brings shame, but it can also be highly problematic for couple and then man himself. It can really be an attack to someone’s confidence especially when it comes to sex. That is why you need an immediate treatment if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. If you are looking for treatment, herbal one is the best way to do it. Here are some herbs that can help you in dealing with premature ejaculation.

Chinese herb Horny Goat Weed


When it comes to premature ejaculation, Horny Goat Weed is placing high in the hierarchy of herbs. It is a Chinese remedy that is known in aiding premature ejaculation. Despite so, it is also known for having an amazing effect on your sexuality in general. It means that you will have such an incredible sexual performance after consuming this herb. It contains some substance that can really increase your sex drive but also balance the hormones in your body that can help with premature ejaculation.

Korean Ginseng


Ginseng is a root herb that grows a lot in the Korean peninsula but also in the surrounding Asian countries. This root herb is highly known as an aphrodisiac, and it can increase your sexual performance in bed. But how does it do that exactly? Well, Korean Ginseng is known to increase the overall stamina and durability of the man who consume it. By adding more stamina and strength, of course, it will give you more time to last longer in bed. In other words, you are avoiding premature ejaculation by consuming this Korean root herb called ginseng.

African Yohimbe Bark


Finally, there is this amazing African herb that can be used to treat premature ejaculation in the best way. Yohimbe bark is part of a Yohimbe tree in which it is known as an aphrodisiac since the old days. Yohimbe bark contains L-Arginine which plays such an integral part in increasing your sex performance. Initially, African Yohimbe bark is used to increase the blood flow through your penis. Thus, it will give you a harder and firmer erection in the end. Despite so, it also has a really good effect on stamina and durability in bed. That’s why it is one of the best herbs for premature ejaculation.

Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum Review


Today we’re going to look at Zoft breast gum. There are a lot of breast enhancement supplements on the market but only a couple in gum form. And this is my favorite. At first, I thought a gum as breast enhancers seemed a little silly and maybe a bit gimmicky. Those actually aren’t good science behind it.

The biggest benefit is the fact that when you swallow a pill that goes into your digestive system, and it is filtered by your  liver, so you don’t absorb all that into your system. With gums on the other hand as you chew you’re absorbing a lot of it through the tissues in your mouth, which have capillaries very close to the surface and provide direct contact with your bloodstream. This gives an absorption level of over 90%. Plus if you’re chewing gum throughout the day you’re constantly bombarding your system with the benefits of the ingredients.



Now my favorite benefit of the breast gum is that for me personally I am terrible at remembering to take my medication every day. It was definitely one of the issues I had when I was taking supplements is I would just get to the end of the day and realized I had forgotten. On the other hand, I’ve always chewed gum throughout the day, and I always have some in my purse in on hand, so this was an excellent solution for me.

Zoft uses plant-based products to stimulate hormones and promote breast growth. It can increase your size if you are boring with small breasts and can restore breast tissue that pregnancy in time has stolen.


Zoft contains all natural ingredients designed to stimulate your hormones and promote new tissue development in your breasts. All 13 ingredients are on the FDA safe list. There are no known adverse side effects. Although you should always talk to your doctor before taking anything new. It’s recommended that you chew anywhere from 2 to 6 pieces a day depending on how fast you want to see results.

Gum has an ace minty flavor which is going to make it a good substitution for your regular gum. With a dosage of 4-6, a day most women will start to see results within a few weeks. The full effect is going to happen within 4-6 months.

This is a permanent increase so you won’t be using this stuff forever. Although it is recommended that you use it for a week or two every 6 months to maintain fullness and firmness. Our cells do shrink with age so the occasional boost once or twice a year is definitely a good thing.

Three Foods For Boosting Our Sexual Desire

Additional Sexual Boost

Having an extra sexual boost while in the bedroom is obviously what people are searching for since it may make our sex partners happy. Energy boost for having sex can be derived by many ways. One of the most popular ways is by consuming herbal sexual pills that are specially designed for making our erection duration lasts longer than before. However, some people consider this way to be a bit dangerous since those sex pills contain many chemical substances that may deteriorate some parts of their body. Hence, it raises a question: is there a safe way to gain a sexual boost without having to consume those chemical pills?  Fortunately, consuming some healthy foods may give an additional effect that is the sexual boost. Now, let’s find out some healthy foods that are also able to function as a female sexual boost.



Surprisingly, watermelon comes as the first healthy food to increase female libido. Yes, this is a watery food that contains water mostly but some of its substances are able to induce our sexual desire.  One of the substances is known as phytonutrient citrulline. This citrulline is able to transform arginine into an amino acid that can be functioned as a blood vessel relaxer. This effect leads to a more blood flow to the genital area where the chain reaction is the increased libido.



Oysters appear on the second place where these foods are also able to trigger women’s sexual desire. Through some scientific studies, bivalve mollusks contain a substance known as an amino acid which is able to generate more sex hormones. This material apparently can also be found in the watermelon. Besides amino acid, oysters also contain zinc, just like in other shellfishes, which is also able to help our body to produce more sex hormones.



Our last place is occupied by broccoli. This is also one of the healthy foods that are surprisingly able to help us doing better in the bedroom. Some scientists claim that broccoli contains lots of vitamin C. The vitamin C itself is able to maximize the blood flow circulation in the genital area, and that’s how we have our erection lasts longer.

One of the most effective way to boost female sex drive is to use sexual cream. You have to apply it gently on the clitoris and it will boost your sexual drive to the new levels:

  • more lubrication during intercourse
  • better sensation
  • faster climax
  • multiple climax
  • improved sexual desire

What’s the most important – you need to use it right before sex. It gives immediate results without side effects. You can find here product reviews, medical opinions and clinical facts